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Does cancer affects you now?
Hello to you, dear visitor. I invite you to read these lines to sensitize you to my cause. I chose to get involved in this adventure to help cancer research because that disease affects 1 Canadians out of 3 during his life.

Who am I? Why me?

I am an outdoorsman. I like to live outside and enjoy life. I am touched by the fact that several people – and unfortunately even much children – are trapped between walls in hospitals and are unable to live the adventure. A lot of them will never ever have the chance to quit the hospital. Hope is all that remains for many of them. I wish to help these people to maintain that hope while being a hero for them. I want to make a difference by helping research and crossing the peak of Kilimanjaro.

I dedicate this campaign to my aunt Sylvie for whom a tumour of pituitary gland was diagnosed in 2010. She’s currently recovering from the ordeal through the research that allowed to the doctors of today to be able to diagnose this disease and researchers who found more effective ways to eradicate it. The fight is not yet finished because 1 Canadians out of 4 still dies of any kind of cancer, making it the first cause of mortality in the country. To continue their research, researchers need monatary help. That’s what the Society of cancer research can provide with your donations. Sylvie is an example of tenacity for me because she always been able to grab the ordeal she was in her live and keep her head up to come out like a winner.

I also dedicate this adventure to my aunt Jocelyne who fought several cancers during her lifetime. She’s still with us despite multiple hospitalizations and multiple operations. This morning I’ve received bad news about her. She’s in hospital once again.

I think also a lot about my grandfather Armand, a man with a noble-heart who left his mark by giving his life to help people of his entourage. An exceptional human being has left us while succumbing of a cancer of the stomach December, 14th 2010.

Nowadays, thousands of Canadians lead a constant fight against this disease. Also, hundreds of passionate researcher’s fight every day. This is why I chose to ascend the Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa with its 5891 meters. I will have to fight tiredness and lack of oxygen, but I shall succeed in order to give hope to these people and tell them well that one day they will win that fight. I want them to beleive that it’s possible to overcome this disease.

I will blog throughout my evolution on my You will also find photos of ascension there. For donations from 250 to 499 $ you will get a rotary advertising space on my blog. For any donation of $ 500 or more you will be entitled to a fixed advertising on this blog throughout 2011. For those who donate over $ 1000 I will take a picture with your banner at the top of Kilimanjaro. I’ll give it to you at my return and it will also be visible on my blog with a link to your website.

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